Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interview with Hank Quense

Hank Quense was kind enough to answer some of my questions regarding his adventures in self publishing.

KR: Why did you self publish?  Did you attempt to have Tales published by a publishing house?  What service did you pick for self publishing and why?  
HQ:  I did send it to a few publishers.  One of them expressed interest and reviewed a few of the stories.  The editor wanted extensive revisions which I did to the example stories and with an idea of she wanted, I revised the stories I hadn't sent to her.  She reviewed the edited stories and wanted more edits which I did.  The changes she suggested really improved the stories and I was happy to do them.  By now six months had passed.  I subbed the selected stories again as she requested and after another several months she wanted still more changes and told me not to resub for six months or so.  This time the edits were trivial and didn't improve the stories.  I declined to spend more time on the stories.  It old her they was as good as they would ever get, so that was the end of that potential publisher.  Meanwhile my efforts to get an agent were just as frustrating.  I sent out a number of queries, but only one agent had the courtesy to reply.(negatively) 
I picked Createspace and Smashwords because they don't charge authors (if you don't need help) and most of the sales revenue flows to the author.
KR:  How many copies have you sold?  What marketing has worked best for you?  How did you set your price points?
HQ:  So far, the book hasn't sold as well as I had hoped.  Since it hasn't, I can't advise on what works best.  I set the price points by finding similar sized books in the marketplace
KR:  How did you get your cover?  Who did your art?
HQ:  I shopped around for a cover artist and was fortunate to find Gary Tenuta.  I told him what I thought the cover should look like (i.e. The three characters on it) and he got it right on the first try.  Gary is a great cover artist and I highly recommend him.
KR:  Anything else you'd like to say about self publishing? 
HQ: It ain't easy going it alone, but I doubt having an agent and a publisher is any easier.
If you want to know more about Hank and his writing, you can check him out here:

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