Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, I usually try to keep this a politics free place, but this one hits home.

I am a copyright holder. I've got one book out, and hopefully two more out in the next year, all in electronic format. And trust me, I want to get paid for those books. But here's the thing, there are better, easier, and more importantly, effective ways to battle copyright infringement.

SOPA is using a tank to battle a mosquito infestation. You blow the shit out of everything nearby and don't do a damn thing to the mosquitoes.

We are a representational democracy. Let your representatives know this isn't the way.


  1. So right, Keryl. This really isn't a "political" issue in the sense of supporting one party or another. This is simply a piece of bad legislation that has supporters on both sides.

    This shows how unnecessary this legislation is:

    And make no mistake, the legislation has only been slowed down, not stopped.

  2. Oh yes, with my astoundingly high natural levels of cynicism when it comes to politics, I was, upon seeing the Hollywood types talking about how they were going to stop contributing to Obama and Pelosi over this, absolutely certain it will find it's way into some innocuous bill (The Herman Scwartz Bridge Naming Bill or something like that) and rise again.

    Just like horror movie monsters, bad legislation never dies, it just waits until everyone is feeling safe and secure to rise again.